Marcozzi Contemporary Theater

Marcozzi Contemporary theater is a project and company active in the domain of physical theater, performance art, music-theater, dance-theater. 
It is founded by Daniela Marcozzi in 2015, in Berlin.


Lacuna is the second performance of the Trilogy of Power that explores how political power influences the personal-intimate sphere of the individual.

It is a solo-performance inspired by “La strage di Bologna” the “Bologna massacre”, a terrorist bombing of the Central Station at Bologna, Italy, on the morning of August 2nd 1980, which killed 85 people and wounded more than 200.

A performance by Daniela Marcozzi
With the artistic support of Peter Rose/Practical Works
Voice-over: Peter Rose
Dramaturgical support: Christina Kyriazidi
Costume: Susanne Kasper Light:
Elena Arci and Paolo Grazzi
Produced in June 2017 by Marcozzi Contemporary Theater in collaboration with Expedition Metropolis Theater and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.
Première at Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

The Urge Of Being

The Urge of Being is a 2-day workshop based on the Artistic Research that Daniela Marcozzi, performer, theater director and educator with an advanced degree in Biotechnology,  carried out at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri, Lugano, Switzerland, in the frame of the Master of Arts in Artistic Research.
Her research, aims, among others, at exploring the biology of emotions and defining an innovative training program triggered by the latest biological and neurobiological theories of emotions.
The Urge of Being aims to access the biological core of energy and emotions, channel and express it. It works with movement, voice, text and songs both under the theatrical and scientific points of view and it is addressed to performing artists.

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Diagonal Vertigo

This piece examines the influence of political power on individuals. Inspired by the tragic event that unfolded in Genoa on August 14, 2018: 200 meters of the famous and majestic Morandi Bridge collapsed, killing 43 people. A catastrophe. Diagonal Vertigo examines the contradictions in our own survival instincts.

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