Leaving a trace, passing the baton.
Reaching out to someone I will probably never meet, trying to narrate the world from my point of view, beyond space and time.
This is the pressing motivation I feel when I think about art.
An in-depth journey to uncover and understand – often a painful journey, never comfortable- a journey of awareness, suffering and joy.
A sublime thought, a constellation of courage, disorientation and a constant attempt to approach the idea of truth, trying to reach the essence of life and its revelation.

Pierluigi Muscolino is an Italian filmmaker, musician, and photographer born in Rome in 1980. He studied Theory and Analysis of Cinematographic Language at the Universitá Roma Tre and graduated with a master’s thesis about the movie Nostalghia by the Russian director Andrej Tarkovskij.
In 2000 he started working at an independent film production as DoP, Assistant Editor and Assistant Director.
In 2014, he moved to Berlin and partnered with the online magazine IL MITTE as one of their official photographers.
In 2017, together with Francesco Garbo, he founded the production company Katzbach Film and in 2018, they made the first short film Stuck, co-produced by OVALmedia. The film has been selected at Cannes Short Film Corner 2018 (France), 8° Movievalley Bazzacinema International Film Festival (Italy) and Bar de Cortos (Argentina).
In the last 2 years, Pierluigi collaborated with the theater performer and researcher Daniela Marcozzi, with ACUD MACHT NEU, TIME ART CENTER – Art Museum, with the musician Louis De Cicco and with the blues band Caboose as a photographer and videomaker.
He’s currently living between Berlin and Malaga, where he works as a freelance filmmaker and photographer.